Where To Go Today?

Some of us ask ourselves the question Where to Go Today every weekend. We may know all the cool spots in town, but we don't have every location's event calendar in our head.

If you love the nightlife and are upset about missing cool events, parties or festivals, having a calendar which shows every event in your city will be a valuable tool for your nightlife adventures.

If you want to go out for dinner and want to know which restaurants are hopping tonight, you probably want a real time restaurant guide.

If you love clubbing and want to know which bars or nightclubs to go to today, check out our platform. Our platform also shows you which clubs are still open at any given time.

Where To Go Today In Cape Town

Cape Town is our startup location for this exciting new project. We will build the Where to Go Today data structure for this city first.

Where To Go Today In Johannesburg

We will roll out WHERE TO GO to Johannesburg in Phase 2.

Where To Go Today Elsewhere

Additional international locations will be added in Phase 3.

Development Status

The project currently has Alpha status. If you have a party, festival, event, nightclub or fun restaurant which should be included at W2GO, please contact us by email.